Industrial Property Course - Patents 2021 edition

Registration and costs

The registration fee is 2.602,00 Euros (which includes the payment of the tax stamp of € 2 per registration)

The tax stamp is payed only once for every invoice, therefore, for multiple registrations requiring one invoice only the cost will be: 2600 x N + 2 where N is the number of people to be registered.

The deadline for the application is 31 March 2021.

We remind you that the registration fee will be 2602,00 Euros for registrations within 31st  March 2021 and 2862,00 Euros for late registrations.

VAT is not applicable to the registration fees due to art. 10 DPR 633/26.10.72 and subsequent modifications.

In order to apply for this course please click the link below

and insert your application as requested.

You can contact the organizational secretary at the following e-mail address: